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Data Cleansing Complete


After months of data cleansing and checking, we can finally announce that the data from the RAAAP survey is ready for analysis.  We will be undertaking some analyses ourselves for presentations and papers before releasing the data later this year for others to use.  There are a total of 2,691 responses which we have divided into 15 separate datasets (each with a subset of the variables for all 2,691 responses) in order to preserve respondent anonymity, they can only be linked by AnalysisRegionOfEmployment.  The MainDataset has 268 variables (although some are computed from others so there are not that many independent variables).  There is also a CareerDataset with 12 variables on why people joined and stayed in the profession.  An EmployerDataset with 8 variables on the characteristics of respondents employers, and a further 12 datasets each with just two variables: AnalysisRegionOfEmployment and one of the free text responses.


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