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RAAAP Datasets Available

The Research Administration as a Profession (RAAAP) datasets are publicly available on a CC-BY 4.0 licence.  During 2016 a questionnaire survey of research managers and administrators from around the world resulted in 2,691 responses, from individuals in 64 countries– yielding up to 222 data points per individual.

The data have been checked and de-identified. As part of the data cleansing process the data were broken into a number of datasets.  Overall there are 15 datasets (see table below), however, the RAAAP Main Dataset contains all of the closed (as opposed to open-ended) responses.  For example, this dataset includes information about individual Research Manager and Administrators (RMAs) and their seniority, how long they have been in the field, the areas of research administration that they work in, the type of institution they work for and how many previous roles they have had, the skills they use in their role, their education, professional certification, and other demographic information.

Also of interest could be the Career Dataset, which includes open-ended responses from RMAs on why they joined the profession and why they stayed.  All the datasets contain the AnalysisRegionOfEmployment variable to allow for possible regional analysis (Canada, Europe (excl UK), Oceania, Rest of World, UK, USA).

Associated with the datasets are descriptions of the data and how they were cleansed and de-identified.  Note that the datasets are SPSS .sav files.

If you are interested in using the datasets but are having difficulty, then please do contact us and we will try to help if we can.

RAAAP Dataset Outline of contents
Main The non-text (coded) questionnaire responses
Career Mainly text responses on why people became and remained as RMAs
AnyComments Free text comments about the questionnaire
AnyIssues Free text issues / problems with the questionnaire
CurrentlEmployment Free text about the current employment situation
CurrentRoleLevel Free text about the seniority of the current employment
Employer Free text about the current employer
EmploymentHistory Free text about the employment history
HighestQualArea Free text about the subject area of highest academic qualification
InstitutionCharacter Free text about whether the employer is, eg public or private
InstitutionType Free text about whether the employer is, eg research intensive
NumOtherDetails Free text about other type of previous employment
OrgDeptDetails Free text about the position within the organisational structure
ProfDevDetails Free text about other sorts of professional development undertaken
ProfQualDetails Free text about other sorts of professional qualifications undertaken
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