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Key Definitions

Research Administrator:  a research manager and administrator is a person working to support the research endeavour process in some respect -they will either support researchers directly (for example providing advice or professional development) or some part of the research lifecycle (perhaps finding funding opportunities, or helping to cost a research proposal, or managing research data, or providing research metrics such as citation counts) or leading research policy or strategy development within an institution. Most research administrators work in universities or research institutes, but many work in research funders or other related organisations.

Leader: a research administration leader is a senior person responsible for an area (or number of areas) of research administration in an organisation. Often they lead large teams, but they might also be a leader in terms of policy or strategy with few or no line management responsibilities. There are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of titles for such roles, typical examples include Associate Vice President (AVP) for Research, Director of Sponsored Projects Administration

Pre-Award: For funded research, the part of the research lifecycle concerned with the identification of funding opportunities, proposal development, costing, internal approval, and submission to the prospective funder, and contract negotiation.

Post-Award: For funded research, the part of the lifecyle concerned with the administration and management of the research itself, typically internals financial management and reporting, partner agreements, and reports to the funder.

Ethics and Governance: can be pre- and/or post-award; the identification, management and approval of ethical issues, including (in the US) IRB – Institutional Review Board, and Export Control.


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