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This project has been funded through the NCURA Research Program

We are extremely grateful to a number of associations around the world that have agreed to ask their members to take part in the survey:

ACU – Association of Commonwealth Universities

ARMA – UK Association of Research Managers and Administrators

ARMS – Australasian Research Management Society

BRAMA – Brazilian Association of Research Managers

CARA/ACAAR – Canadian Association of Research Managers and Administrators

EARMA – European Association of Research Managers and Administrators

NCURA – National Council of University Research Administrators

NORDP – National Organization of Research Development Professionals

RMAN-J – Japanese Research Management Association

SARIMA – Southern African Research & Innovation Management Association

SRAi – Society of Research Administrators International

WARIMA – West African Research and Innovation Management Association

Most of these are members of INORMS, the International Network of Research Management Societies.

You may also be interested in other similar work such as that by Jennifer Shambrook et al including their 2010 JRA and 2011 RMR papers as well as the more recent 2015 SRA poster giving an overview of the characteristics of the profession.

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