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Research Administration As A Profession (RAAAP) aims to find out the key skills, attitudes and behaviours of successful research administration leaders. This knowledge will better enable those appointing new research administrators to select the most promising candidates. It will also enable junior staff already in post to accelerate their career progression.
The project will also provide a snap-shot of the current profile of the profession internationally.

This will be achieved through an international survey which has been developed in consultation with the RAAAP Steering Group.  The on-line questionnaire was made available to a number of key research administration associations on May 20th 2016:

And we would like to thank each of these associations for their help in sponsoring the survey to their members.  The survey will remain open until late June.

From the summer of 2016 to spring 2017 data cleansing, analysis and report writing was undertaken.  A series of presentations and workshops were delivered, which have helped to inform our overall conclusions:

  • a presentation at INORMS2016 delivered in September 2016, Melbourne, Australia – very preliminary draft results
  • a presentation at CARA West delivered in December 2016, Regina, Canada – some preliminary Canadian results
  • a presentation for the Forshungsreferenten.de (GARMA) delivered in February 2017 in Potsdam, Germany – some preliminary European results
  • a presentation at EARMA delivered in April 2017 in Valetta, Malta – more preliminary European results
  • part of a presentation at SARIMA delivered in May 2017, Windhoek, Namibia – some preliminary results
  • a presentation at CARA delivered in May 2017, Winnipeg, Canada – some preliminary Canadian results and text analysis
  • a presentation at ARMA delivered in June 2017, Liverpool, UK – some preliminary UK results
  • two presentations and a poster (award winning) at NCURA delivered in August 2017 in Washington DC, USA – preliminary results and international comparisons
  • a presentation at ARMS, delivered in September 2017, Wellington, New Zealand
  • a presentation at CSHE Research Festival delivered in October 2017, Kent, UK
  • a presentation at SRAi delivered in October 2017, Vancouver, Canada
  • a presentation at the ARMS Singapore Chapter delivered in December 2017, Singapore
  • an invited presentation at NARMA delivered March 2018, Oslo, Norway
  • a presentation at INORMS2018 delivered June 2018, Edinburgh, UK
  • as part of a presentation at NCURA AM60, delivered August, Washington DC, USA
  • an invited presentation at Research Services Days 2018 [Finn-ARMA], August 2018, Helsinki, Finland

RAAAP has also appeared in print:

In addition the following outputs are foreseen

  • an article for the SRAi Journal of Research Administration
  • a final report presenting the full findings
  • an anonymised dataset with the main set of responses
  • a separate, loosely linked, collection of anonymised datasets containing the free text responses

The project is funded by the US based National Council of University Administrators (NCURA) through their Research Program. A copy of the proposal can be found here.

In June 2018 the INORMS Board agreed to sponsor RAAAP on an on-going basis and the INORMS RAAAP TaskForce was created in order to collect longitudinal data about the profession of research management and administration around the world.  The TaskForce is being led by Dr Deboroh Zornes, one of the original RAAAP Advisory Group members.

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