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The Survey


The Survey itself is restricted to members of the participating associations.  It was opened on 20th May 2016 and will remain open for responses until June/July. Each participating association has emailed a link to the questionnaire to their membership.  The following table may help you find the email.  If you are still unable to find the link, then please do contact your respective association or contact us directly: Simon Kerridge (s.r.kerridge@kent.ac.uk) or Stephanie Scott (sfs2110@cumc.columbia.edu).

One respondent commented: “It was much more interesting than I was expecting and has helped me reflect on my role too.” – Jennifer Blaikie, Senior Research Ethics Administrator, University of Leeds, UK.

Association – date email sent, date reminder sent

  • ACU – pending
  • ARMA – 20th May, 15th June, 30th June, 19th July, and 22nd July
  • ARMS – week of 13th June, 30th June
  • BRAMA – week of 23rd May, 14th June
  • CARA/ACAAR – week of 6th June
  • EARMA – 1st June, and Leiden Group (other EU associations) 22nd July
  • NCURA – 8th June, 20th June
  • NORDP – 31st May
  • RMAN-J – week of 23rd May, week of 13th June
  • SARIMA – 20th May, week of 13th June
  • SRA-I – 27th May
  • WARIMA – 23rd May

A number of additional reminders were also sent and the survey was closed on 7th September.  We received an amazing total of 2,691 responses – much analysis will be needed!

If you would like to see (a pdf version of) the survey, it is available here on figshare.

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